Everything we want to achieve is already in ourselves. We know the musical essence since the day of our birth. Music is the expression of our feelings, our thoughts and the principles guiding our lives. The free our mind, the open our playing.

Mastery is not our primary goal, but simple playing. To achieve this we have to let go our will to play well. We have to stop judging the music that comes out of ourselves, attach ourselves to the flow that is kept ready by creativity. Only that way, we are no longer dependent on the compliments nor be at the mercy of criticism by the teacher.

If you dominate a child, compel him to fit into a pattern, however idealistic, will he be free at the end of it? If we want to bring about a true revolution in education, there must obviously be freedom at the very beginning, which means that both the parent and the teacher must be concerned with freedom and not with how to help the child to become this or that.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

On our way to free playing we encounter old friends like pain or fear. This way is completed for none of us. Therefore we can learn the most from each other.

While playing together we strike limits that can only be overcome by becoming aware of the force that connects us. The force that flows through us when we are on stage and do not ask ourselves if we can make it – but simply play music. Any note we are playing is perfect and correct.

Expression comes from being eager to say something, but we have to remember what we have to say... Only then the audience will listen attentively.

The techniques is only destined to make music, not for its own sake. Music is not acrobatics, it only includes it.